From Chicago, atmospheric dark metal ensemble, VARAHA have finally released their mesmerizing debut album “A Passage for Lost Years” via Prosthetic Records. VARAHA’s music is a cinematic journey that defies genre limitations, and immerses us in its evocative, dynamic, and melancholic moods

"As glittery and triumphant as it is heavy" -KERRANG! 

“There’s so much to digest that A Passage for Lost Years rewards repeat listening in a way streaming-era records rarely do.” -CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND

"On their debut album, A Passage For Lost Years, the Chicago quartet deliver a smorgasbord as elegiac as it is sophisticated.” -DECIBEL MAGAZINE

“Chicago’s Varaha is a relatively new prospect on the metal scene and one that blows all boundaries and preconceptions about what a metal band can be.” -PURE GRAIN AUDIO

“Climax and Exile,” is both as memorable and moving as nearly anything released this year, and is just one snippet from an album that rewards repeat listens. -STEREOGUM [BEST NEW METAL JAMS, MAY 2019

“Progressive Heaviness just found its new heroes” - PROG MAGAZINE

“A record of real beauty” -DISTORTED SOUND MAGAZINE

“This hour-long behemoth of atmospherics reaches sky-high and digs deep toward the planet’s core” -INVISIBLE ORANGES

“the band’s music is both utterly spellbinding and heart-breaking in equal measure, melding gothic gloom and weighty Doom with an unexpectedly raw and vulnerable edge” -NO CLEAN SINGING

“This is an album to wander in” -ANGRY METAL GUY

“An album of class and sophistication, A Passage for Lost Years is dark metal art of the highest quality.” - DEAD RHETORIC

“It should be noted that while genres are helpful to describe sounds, they should not be utilized as boundaries and Varaha is a shining example of this.” -GHOST CULT MAGAZINE

The 9 Tracks within "A Passage for Lost Years" include 4 Orchestral Overtures composed and conducted by Varaha guitarist & singer Fabio Brienza, and recorded by Nick Broste (Mono, Wilco) - featuring guest performances by Nicholas Dellacroce (Bongripper), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza, Brain Tentacles), Nora Barton (Mucca Pazza, Mono), Kristina Lee & members of The Oak Park & River Forest Symphony Orchestra. Additional recordings were captured by Mike Lust (Russian Circles, Urge Overkill), including a special guest performance by Chuck Bontrager (Concertmaster for the Chicago production of "Hamilton: an American Musical"). The artwork for the album cover was designed by legendary artist Travis Smith.